Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Day 236, August 7

The other day, The Wretch and I had another of our engineer/writer conversations.  I innocently mentioned that I'd used his radiant heat transfer nonsense in this blog.

He, male that he is, became defensive and said, "You obviously don't appreciate physics."  He's right.  I don't appreciate physics.  But that's beside the point.

Can you bear to hear another of our conversations?

The Wretch:  There are three kinds of heat transfer:  conductive, convective, and radiant.  What you're feeling in the sun is radiant.

Me:  Oh.

The Wretch:  As I explained earlier, you only THINK you're hotter in the sun.

Me:  (Wiping away copious amounts of sweat, only THINKING that I'm hot.)  Thank you for explaining it so clearly.

The Wretch.  Glad to be of help.

Me:  I'm not saying that I'm hot, but do you think we could get out of this damned radiant heat transfer?

The Wretch:  As long as you're not saying you're hot, yes.

Me:  I AM NOT HOT.   Now, get me out of this radiant heat transfer before I'm parbroiled.

The Wretch:  Of course, my love.

Gem for the day:  don't tell your mate that you're hot in the sun.  Men just don't get it.

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