Saturday, December 1, 2012

Day 192, December 1

With age comes wisdom.  Or so they say (whoever that mysterious 'they' is).  With silver hair and wrinkles come dignity.  Give me a break.  The only digity in silver hair and wrinkles belongs to the purveyors of hair color and face cream. 

So what does come with age?  Sore muscles and swollen joints.  Hairs growing in places you never thought to find them.  (Really.  Who knew that I'd sport a two foot hair growing from my chin.)  Cellulite that resembles the craters on the moon.  Two stomachs.  Sagging breasts.  Ears that have developed a tendency to start a second growth spurt.

Is there anything good about menopause?

I've found a few things: 

-  if you've lasted this long, you know you're a keeper
-  if your friends have stayed with you throughout the menopause journey, they're keepers as well
-  if your husband or significant other has not murdered you during a sleepless night complete with hot flashes, he's probably all right    (even if he is a wretch)

Gem for the day: count your blessings.  If they outnumber your hot flashes, you're on the right track.

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