Thursday, December 6, 2012

Day 197, December 6

You may have heard about the Victoria's Secret fashion show that aired a couple of nights ago.  How could we not hear about it--with those 6 foot models strutting their stuff on every television show around, including Hawaii 50? 

I admire those women.  After all, they've starved themselves to look like wraithes dancing through life while the rest of us feel like the Goodyear Blimp plodding and plowing our way, thankful when we don't have a piece of toilet paper stuck to the bottom of our shoes

I've always thought I could be a VS model.  I just have to add another six inches, drop 120 pounds, let my hair grow so that I can toss it about my face in a sultry fashion, and project an aura of supreme confidence.  Of course, there's the walk.  You have to lead with your hips, stick your girls out, and then saunter your way down the runway of life on eight-inch stilettos, all the while sprouting angel wings.

Gem for the day:  VS models are great, but it's too much trouble for this old menopausal broad.

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