Monday, May 28, 2012

Day 11, May 30

Well, we've discussed that biggie--bladder leakage.

The trouble with BL is that it can occur at any time.   It takes a strong and insightful woman to always be prepared for it.  My aunt used to carry around an extra change of clothing for what she called "Trouble with Her Departments," departments consisting of trouble with her bladder and bowels.  Fifteen years ago, my sister and I laughed over this.  Now I can empathize. 

Bladder leakage is especially vulnerable to laughing, coughing, and sneezing.   They sound like the three dwarfs, don't they?  If you laugh, you leak.  If you cough, you leak.  If you sneeze, you leak. 

Damn.  (Pardon my language.)

Yes, BL happens to the best of us.  We can only hope that we're in a position to make a quick change of clothes when it occurs.


  1. Yeah, isn't that the truth. Used to worry about heavy periods leaking and now it's just moved to another organ. hahaha

  2. Hysterical. And Bl isn't just contained to those suffering from menopause.