Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day 3, May 22

If you are familiar with my other blog, "The Gratitude Project," you know that I frequently start a subject one day, only to discover that I'm not finished with it.  Such is the case with my stomachs.  And, I suppose, a second stomach deserves a second posting.

I have heard that some men name certain parts of their bodies.  It set me to wondering whether I should name my second stomach.  Surely it deserves something more than the prosaic term "second stomach."  What about Sandy?  I've always liked that name.  Then I realized that I have several friends named Sandy and that they might not appreciate it.  The same goes for Laurie, Phyllis, Janet, Natalie, Jeannie, and others. 

What to do?

Could I name it after a movie star?  Or maybe a sports figure.  I'm open to suggestions.

In the meantime, that second stomach, which we'll refer to as SS for the time being, rests comfortably in my mid-section, much like a beloved pet.  Like some pets, it has grown, going from a sweet little lap dog to an unruly mutt that demands more room, more attention.

My SS can be comforting, though.  It gives me a place to rest books, a nice shelf on which to put a plate.  It keeps me warm on cold mornings.   Yes, I fear my SS is here to stay, so I best make the most of it.


  1. How about Mary-Kate? She's the Olsen twin who struggles with anorexia. OK, maybe not.

  2. THANK YOU for not naming your SS Sandy! Love love your blog!