Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 2, May 21

Did you know that cows and other ruminants have several stomachs?  I always wondered about that.  Why did they have several stomachs?  What were those stomachs used for?   I suppose I even felt a bit sorry for those animals.After all, wasn't one stomach enough with which to deal?

My sympathy has turned to empathy.  Sometime after I turned 50, I developed a second stomach.  It rests somewhere between my breasts and my first stomach.  This second stomach resembles a loaf of French bread, slightly elongated, soft, and squishy.  Despite my best attempts at exercise and diet, it persists, refusing to go away.

Rather than a clearly defined waistline, that nice curve that used to attract a bit of male interest, I am now one series of lumps.  My breasts segue into this second stomach, which, in turn, gives way to the first.  It is nicely balanced out by my rear end, which morphs into cottage cheese thighs.  There you have it:  a series of lumps and bumps that, at one time, was a fairly nice figure.

My body betrayed me.  Or perhaps it was the cheesecake, chocolate eclairs, and double fudge brownies.  Whatever the cause, I am now keeping company with cows and other ruminants.

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  1. OK, but what's a flat stomach and no chocolate? I've seen the pinch-faced bitties marching along. No thank you. Happiness doesn't come in small waistlines!