Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 5, May 24

Well, we've looked at stomachs and breasts.  Doubtless we'll return to those body parts, but, for now, let's make a departure to another area that menopausal women deal with.

Has the shape of your lips changed?  Have your lips thinned as your middle thickened?  Mine have.  Where they used to be pleasingly full, my lips have taken on the appearance of a drawstring purse pulled too tight.

At one time, I looked at older women whose lipstick found its way all around their mouth, only occasionally touching their actual lips.  In my naivete, I thought it was because their eyesight had diminished  and that these poor souls could no longer apply their lipstick properly.  I now realize that it wasn't their eyesight that had taken a fall but their mouths.  Their lips had pulled in on themselves. 

Of course we have aids now such as collagen injections.  The idea, though, of having someone inject stuff into my lips makes me cringe.  I avoid needles whenever possible.  Also, who knows where that collagen might end up?   Would it be like some breast implants that I've read of that wander around?  I might end up with collagen in my chin (who needs extra stuff in my already double chin?) or in my nose or in my cheek?

No.  I think I'll stick with my thin, pursed lips and leave collagen to the more daring.

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