Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day 7, May 26

I remember when I shopped for clothes that invited the unexpected and promised excitement.  (Well, at least as much excitement as a Mormon mother could hope for.)

Now I shop for comfort.  I shop for camoflage.  The two Cs.  Comfort is essential when you reach a certain age.  Comfort is found in elastic waists and flowing materials.  Anything too tight doesn't cut it.   Waistbands that slice in to my middle are avoided at all costs.  That leads us to camoflage.  Again, I eschew clothes that are tight.  They tend to outline things better left unoutlined and highlight the lumps and bumps that make up my body. 

And don't get me started on shoes.  Gone are high heels with pointy toes.  "You need a wide toe box," a shoe salesman told me.  Forget the Christian Loubitons.  Bring on the shoes with names Easy Stride targeted to "the active, mature woman."  (Mature is code for "geezer.")

So, here I am, in the C & C period of life.  I am philosophical about it.  Double Cs match my SS.. 

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