Saturday, August 11, 2012

Day 81, August 11

By now you know that I am fascinated by all things strange and downright weird.  Take my fascination with the woman with the world's largest breasts.  Who could predict that such a topic would intrigue me so much?

And then there's my interest iin the mating habits of insects.  Do you know that in the copulation of some insects that the female dispatches (kills) the male after he has serviced her?  Depending on the state of my marriage (and my mind), this does not seem an all together bad idea.

I didn't used to be so intrigued with these kinds of subjects.  Before menopause, I could converse intelligently on a number of subjects; indeed, I was considered to be not too shabby in the brains department.  When menopause hit, my interest in normal topics took a nosedive and I started collecting these tidbits of oddities.

Ah, well.   It makes for fascinating dinner conversation.

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