Sunday, August 26, 2012

Day 96, August 26

The other day, I was leafing through a women's magazine (you'd think I'd have given that up by now, wouldn't you?).  Anyway, the magazine featured an article about skin care, for the 30s, the 40s, and the 50s.  Then it stopped.  Apparently those of us past the 59 mark no longer need skin care or we are such an unimportant demographic that magazines can't be bothered to address our needs.

The truth is, we need skin care more than ever.  Our skin is thin, papery, and crepey.  (No, not creepy, crepey.)  My once radiant skin has the texture of dried up paste.    But the skin care industry and publishing moguls have decreed that I and my menopausal sisters no longer exist.

Do you know what I use on my face? Vaseline.  And when I run out of Vaseline, I resort to Crisco.  Both have the gooey, oozey moisture that my parched skin craves. 

In fact, maybe I'll start my own line of menopausal skin care products.  I'm experimenting with a name:  Grease for Geezers.  What do you think?

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