Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day 84, August 14

Have you ever paid attention to all the cermonies and celebrations of life  that go on around us?  There are birthdays, baptisms, bar mitzvahs, graduations, marriages, anniversaries, and a host of others.  Yet our culture has no event to celebrate the change of life.  Even Hallmark, which produces cards for nearly every occasion, including that of divorce, fails to cash in on this opportunity.

I can conjure up several greeting card ideas to mark the passage in to menopause:

Front of the card:  Welcome to Menopause.  You're used up, dried up, and washed up.

Inside:  Don't worry.  Be happy.

And another:

Front of the card:  What do you do when good sex goes bad?

Inside: Increase your chocolate intake.

Maybe I'll take up  a career in writing greeting card verse.


  1. It'll work if Francine is on the cover in her bathrobe.

  2. You need to take Larry to see "Hope Springs" They don't mention menopause......but ....it's soooo there. It has Meryl Streep (my most fav) and Tommy Lee Jones (love him) it's great! Also, I guarantee you and Lar will be the youngest peeps there, it was a sea of white hair......mostly 80 year old ladies with no grampa's with them, they are either dead or refused to see it.....so funny