Thursday, August 30, 2012

Day 100, August 30

A few weeks ago, I wrote about menopausal vocabulary, including flustrated and depissed.  A dear friend sent me another word:  exhaustipated.  Exhaustipated is the combination of exhausted and constipated. 

Having been in both of those states, I can relate.  When one is in both of those states at the same time, it is especially flustrating.  Menopsaul women often find themselves in other states as well.  Recently I've been in the state of confusion, the state of denial, and the state of embarrassment.

If we combine two of these, we have the state of confusnial.  Another combination leaves us in the state of embarrasfusion.  (Which makes perfect sense as in when one is embarrassed, one is frequently confused as well.)

Ah, menopause.  What state will you take me to next?

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  1. Do we get passports to travel to all these new and exotic states?