Saturday, October 13, 2012

Day 143, October 13

You know my feelings about hormones, nasty little things that tend to run amock when unchecked.  Just when we think we've gotten them under control, they disappear altogether.

Little is said about men's hormones, though.  And never let it be forgotten that they (men) do have them (hormones).  They come from that infamous Y chromosome.  I have always referred to it as the "Why chromosome" as in "Why do they have it?"

This chromosome is accountable for all sorts of mischief.  In fact, some men have literally gotten away with murder by claiming that they have too much testosterone, a result of that chromosome.

What a crock. 

Men have been getting away with things ever since Adam blamed Eve for making him take a bite out of that apple.  If he'd had any gumption, he would have eaten the apple in the first place and started the human race, instead of letting poor Eve take the rap.

Gem for the day:  don't let the man in your life get away with anything.

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