Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day 147, October 17

As I wrote yesterday, menopausers are survivors.

We have survived the rebellion of children, the deaths of parents, and, for some, the defection of spouses. We have survived cellulite, celebrations, and sell-a-thons. We have survived in-laws, out-laws, and bylaws (of all the organizations we were told we must join). We have survived church meetings (those who are Mormon will understand), PTA meetings, and civic meetings. We have survived hip replacements, cancer, and pneumonia.

We have survived repression, rejection, and regression (that is where the mother wants to join her two-year-old who is throwing a world-class tantrum in the chapel aisle in the middle of Sacrament Meeting). We have survived flooded basements and flooded bathrooms. We have survived the loss of dreams and the loss of love. We have survived the thinning of our hair and the thickening of our waistlines.

We are women.  We are warriors.  We are survivors

Gem for the day: don't mess with a menopausal woman. You might not survive.

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  1. You mean I can't get down on the carpet and drum my heels on the back of the pew? Shucks.