Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day 148, October 18

If you've reached the ripe old age of menopause, you know something about disappointment.  Disappointments come in many guises.  Sometimes they come in the guise of relationships.

You can't be a functioning woman without having dozens of relationships.  And sometimes those relations with our husbands, our children, our parents, our friends hurt.  (Most of the time, they're good, but pain is an element of the human condition.)

Much of the pain I've experienced has been the result of my own bad choices.  Some pain, though, comes from the unrighteous choices of others.  Take my ex-daughter-in-law.  She caused our family untold pain.  It wasn't just that she had hurt my son and my grandsons.  It was that I had loved her, loved her as a daughter.  And she threw it all away.

So, this is a different kind of post, a reflective moment, in the often goofy, frequently naughty workings of my mind.

Gem for the day:  if you can't handle disappointment and pain, you probably won't reach menopause.

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