Monday, October 15, 2012

Day 145, October 15

My husband took exception to being called "The Wretch."  Frankly, I don't blame him.  I should have been extolling his virtues--and they are many--rather than calling him names.

Sometimes, though, the man acts like a wretch.  I suppose he can't help it.  After all, he does have that Y (as in why do they--men--have it?) gene. 

A man does things differently than a woman.  He thinks differently.  He feels differently.  He talks differently.  A case in point is a conversation my spouse and I have had on various occasions.  During our morning walks, I claim that it is cooler in the shade.  My husband, an engineer (and this explains so much) maintains that it is not really cooler in the shade, it is only the "radiant heat transfer" of the sun that makes it seem hotter when we're not in the shade.

Really?  Radiant heat transfer?  Who talks that way?  Who thinks that way?  A man, of course.  A man who happens to be an engineer.

Gem for the day:  don't talk to a man about hot and cold.  He won't get it.

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