Saturday, October 20, 2012

Day 150, October 20

I've told you about my sister Carla.  We are closer than sisters, more intimate than friends.  We share everything, including an off-beat sense of humor.  (Mine's a bit more off-beat than hers, but that's because I was dropped on my head as a baby.)  So when I told her to "get down with her bad self," (part of my street talk), she shot right back, "If I got down with my bad self, I'd never get back up again."

That's the trouble when you reach menopause.  Getting down (with your bad self or your good self, for that matter) means getting back up again. No easy feat.  Especially when you've got a fake hip and the atrophied muscles that go with it.

Gem for the day:  before getting down with any of your selves, make sure you can get back up again.

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