Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day 26, June 14

Somewhere between my 50 and 60th birthdays, I began to dry up, like a grape left too long out in the sun.  My skin, once radiant (or so I told myself) was cracked with lines, that of my hands thin, almost parchment like, and then's there's "down there."  Okay.  I'll just say it:  vaginal dryness.  I'd refer to it as VD, but that conjures up all sorts of other images.

Though I still feel inside like the young girl I'd once been, my body, traitorous vessel that it is, is as stiff and dusty as a piece of shale, holding only the impression of the juicy, warm woman I had been.

To use a popular vernacular, it sucks.  Big time.

Still, I try.  I slavish cream on my face and hands.  I am a slave to sun lotion.  But the cracks and age spots refuse to go away.  A chemical peel, I wonder.  What about laser treatments?  Should I try Juvederm?

As for  "down there," I am learning to live with it.  It makes those yearly pelvic exams a bigger pain than usual.  I sigh and remind myself that suffering is a woman's lot!

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  1. OH.MY.HELL. You've once again hit the proverbial nail on the head!!! What to do, what to do.......don't try the KY jelly that promises warmth and tingling----what a waste.......suffering...I don't like it