Monday, June 25, 2012

Day 37, June 25

Do you remember MADAM BOVARY from literature classes?  I'm thinking a better title for a book would be "Madam's Ovaries."  Ovaries are capricious organs.  They give too many hormones at some times; they take away hormones at others.  Either way, many of us are left with a surplus or a deficit, depending upon our age.

Those hairs that migrated from our legs to our chins?   The ovaries stopped producing estrogen.  Instead, our bodies decided, "Why not try some testosterone?"  Yes, why not indeed?  That's all we need, some male hormone running around unsupervised in our bodies.

What about the thickening around our waists?  Lack of estrogen again.   So we try some supplements.  Estroven, anybody?  Or maybe we go herbal.

I don't know about you, but I'm wary of supplements.  Natural doesn't always mean safe.  Neither does herbal.  So what's a woman to do?

I suggest prayer, chocolate, and more prayer.  When all else fails, a good curse comes in handy.  Your choice.

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  1. I'm missing one of my ovaries because it had to be removed. Just to prove what powerful little things they are, the remaining one has taken over the job of its missing companion. I'm every bit as fertile (my youngest two coming from the lone ranger ovary) and every bit as hormonal. It doesn't seem fair.