Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day 31 June 19

Menopausal women face decisions they never before had to face.  One in question:  should I or shouldn't I wear makeup? 

One school of thought says, "Of course you should wear makeup.  There is more (usually) of you to cover (yes, the face gains weigiht along with the booty and thighs), therefore you should wear more.  A second school of thought maintains that more makeup will only accentuate things better left unaccntuated, such as those lines that are verging on grooves and pores that are beginning to resemble craters of the moon.

I have never worn much makeup, especially foundation.  I feel like an inept clown when I attempt to apply it.  Foundation manufacturers, though, promise us a dewy, satiny finish if we use a light application.   If only that were so.

In preparation to attend a posh wedding reception, in a desperate attempt to appear a bit more polished, I applied foundation.  In a foolish bid to elicit a compliment from my husband, I asked, "What do you think?"

That stalwart specimen of manhood, with whom I have weathered pregnancies, five children, five teenagers, flooded basements, and a myriad of other trials, said innocently, "You look greasy."

Why do I bother?

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