Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day 35, June 23

One day, without warning, your estrogen level will drop.  Look out, world.  Crazy woman is on the loose.  Innocent strangers will incur your wrath because they had the temerity to take YOUR parking place.  Not-so-innocent husbands will find themselves receiving the nasty side of your tongue because they failed to put down the toilet seat.

And so it goes.

Estrogen is one of those Catch-22 things.  You can't live with it; you can't live without it.

My personal estrogen level is at an all-time low.  This lack shows in my energy (I don't have any); it shows in my face (where did all those lines come from?); it shows in my temper (when did a gentle-mannered Mormon mother becoming a raging shrew?).

Yes, estrogen levels are one of nature's dirty tricks.  We are either consumed with it or we are shopping the "feminine supply aisle" in the grocery store for something to fix us.

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