Friday, July 13, 2012

Day 55, July 13

We all know the danger of coming between a mama bear and her cubs.  Mama bears are fiercely protective.  The same goes for the rest of us mamas.  It doesn't matter the age of our child.  When that child is threatened, we unsheath our claws and bare our teeth. 

When someone hurt our oldest son, my claws came out, my teeth (or fangs) were bared, and I was poised for attack.  Indeed, I would have attacked had I been given the opportunity.  As it was, the only thing we could do was hire a pitbull of a lawyer to protect our son and his boys..  That this son was 34 years old with children of his own mattered not a whit.  No one hurts one of my babies.  No one.  When I compared myself to a mama grizzly, Larry snorted.  "You're not a grizzly.  You're a volverine."  (The wolverine is reputed to be one of the most vicious mamals.)

So, where, you may rightfully ask is the menopause tie-in?

It's simple.  Age and menopause gave me the balls to do what my younger self would probably have shrunk from.  As I said, no one hurts my babies.

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