Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day 59, July 17

Women my age will most likely have stories to tell about their bras.  We recall the bullet bra of the 60s, where the cups were designed to give a cone-like shape to The Girls.   Stitched concentric circles meant that the cups never lost their shape.   Somewhere around the 70s, the natural bra came into vogue.   These provided so little support that I decided "Why bother?"

By the time the 80s rolled around, I was nursing my fourth baby and had gone through a number of nursing bras.  These little numbers provided easy access for eager mouths.   The flaps of my bra remained open most of the time.  Who could remember to fasten them up after being up all night with a hungry baby?

The 90s ushered in Victoria's Secret and the era of fantasy bras.  (The fantasy was that we thought if we wore their bras we would look like their models.)    By the time of the Millenium and beyond, I had given up the fantasy and was happy to find a bra that kept The Girls in place.  We were locked and loaded and ready for action.

Historians document history by citing political upheavals and unrest.  A woman better.  She records history by her underwear.

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