Monday, July 30, 2012

Day 72, July 30

A friend gave me an early birthday card:  On it, an obese woman in a robe stood on the scales, her breasts pointing downward like two giant cones.  The caption read:  "Your body is a temple."

At one time, my body was a temple, an alabaster monument of toned flesh and muscle.  Any more, that temple is more of a ruin. That once toned flesh and muscle has given way to flabby flesh and mushy muscles. 

Age, time, and gravity took their toll, along with a fondness for cheesecake.  As I've said before, I'm mostly okay with that.  After all, even the Parthenon started to crumble.

Occasionally, though, I long for that temple of my youth.  Ah well, bodily temples are overrated.


  1. I saw a similar card saying on the front, "My doctor says I need to work on touching my toes." On the inside, "He didn't say what part I had to touch them with". I'm sure you can fill in the visuals.

  2. Oh my! What kind of friend would select a card like that?! I'm sorry! She has no class, evidently.