Saturday, July 28, 2012

Day 70, July 28

Once you've reached menopause, you can forget doctors bothering with any health complaints you might have. 

Hot flashes?  It's menopause.  Can't sleep?  It's menopause.  Bad feet and aching joints?  Menopause again.  I'd be more resentful, but I can't argue with them.  Menopause did me in.  What's more, it's still doing me in.

Just when I think I have the whole thing figured out, I develop something new.  Lately I've had the desire to throw tantrums worthy of a two-year-old.   A near miss was a would-be tantrum in the middle of the grocery store.  Why?  The refrigerated aisle wasn't refrigerated enough.  I quickly pulled out a bag of frozen peas and held it against my chest.

Then there was the time I almost threw a tantrum in church.   (The air conditioning wasn't working.)   Can't you see the headlines?  "Grandmother of four throws herself to the floor in church and kicks feet up and down.  Had to be sedated with a bottle of chocolate syrup and four Prozac."

Oh, menopause.  What have you in store for me next?

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