Saturday, July 14, 2012

Day 56, July 14

Menopause provides daily--and nightly-humbling experiences.   Take, for example, my habit of sleeping only in my underwear.  Even the lightest weight pajamas or nightgown prove too hot for my over-heated body.

One night, I had cause to regret my lack of nightwear.  A noise at the front door roused me from sleep.  Concerned that something had taken my twenty-year-old daughter out at midnight, I opened the door to determine if her car was parked out front, as it normally is.  At that moment, our kitty, Harley, streaked out.

Without a backward glance, she ran across the front yard.  (Harley has been declawed, making it unsafe for her to be outside.)  Afraid to take the time to pull on clothes, I took off after her.  By this time, she had made her way across the street and taken refuge under a neigihbor's truck.

Barefoot and scantily-clad, I hurried across the street,  ignoring the prick of stones against my feet.   "Harley," I called softly.  "Come out here."

An unconcerned "meow" was her only response.

"Harley, get yourself out here now."  I kept my voice low, not wanting to wake the neighbors.. 

She ignored me.

I got to my knees and started to crawl under the truck.  Visions of being stuck under the vehicle taunted my mind.  I could see the morning headlines:  "Middle-aged woman found wedged beneath truck in her underwear."

I reached for Harley, who scampered away.  Finally, she strolled out of her own accord.  I scooped her up in my arms and retraced my steps, all the while scolding Harley.  When we reached home, I collapsed.  Meanwhile, Harley took up her customary place on a chair, uncaring what she had put me through.

No more midnight excursions for me.

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  1. Hmmm. Maybe I should get some jammies. A long t-shirt doesn't seem to cover situations like that.