Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day 66, July 24

Did you know that men can go through menopause as well as women?  Of course it is different in that men never had menses.  But make no mistake about it:   middle-aged men are no picnic to live with.

First, there is the "Mine is bigger than yours" syndrome.  Men are constantly one-upping each other.  It doesn't matter whether it's the size of their bank accounts, the size of the fish they caught, or the size of ... well, I'll leave that to your imagination.  Men have to compete.  My husband says they're born that way. 

Then, there is the "Why don't you get your body overhauled?" challenge to their wives.  My mate would like me to go under the knife and get a whole new me.  In truth, I've thought about it as well.  Why shouldn't I get a new face, new breasts, a flatter stomach, and a firmer tush? 

Finally, there is "I've got to have a Porsche."  They see possessing a Porsche (or a Corvette or whatever) as the answer to life's problems.  They will once again be twenty-five with the world by a tail and their lives in front of them. 

The egos of menopausal men are fragile and require tender loving care.  Too bad my TLC is as used up as my patience.

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  1. Is my husband peri-menopausal? He wants to get flames on his car. Check that. He's decided that sharks and Tour de France quality bicycles are the ticket. Then he suggested that we get my van done, too. (Why don't you get your body overhauled?) Or, maybe this is just another guy-thing.