Sunday, November 11, 2012

Day 172, November 11

The other day I found, at a garage sale, a book on entitled BECOMING A LADY.  I assumed it to be a tongue-in-cheek type book.  It wasn't.  Unable to help myself, I started reading aloud to my two garage sale buddies.

Here are a few of the rules of becoming a lady:

A lady never wears linen before Easter or after Labor Day.  (Whew.  I'm safe there as I don't wear linen at all.  Too much ironing.)

A lady always wears lipstick. (Really?  When she's in her sweats or her husband's t-shirt that reaches to her knees?)

A lady never nags.  (Oh, right.  How do you think my three sons got their Eagle awards in scouting?)

A lady never whines.  (Okay.  This is probably good, but whining is one of my favorite activities, right after eating, swearing, and reading.)

A lady never finds fault with others.  (Another good one.  I'm sure I could do better at it if I didn't encounter people at garage sales who are asking ridiculous prices for their junk.)

The list of what a lady does and doesn't do continued until I was in danger of puking on the driveway of the person holding the garage sale.  (I didn't see it listed, but I'm guessing that a lady never pukes in public.)

Gem for the day:  a lady is one who cares about others.  Period.


  1. These are funny things. I suppose for the most part I'm not a lady then.

  2. I am no lady. Never have been. Don't care to be. At least according to the rules listed in that book. I'd rather focus my time on the qualification you listed.