Saturday, November 17, 2012

Day 178, November 17

A few days ago, I wrote about a book I'd found at a garage sale, BECOMING A LADY.  It continues to intrigue me (and repulse me more than a bit.)  Because I like to share both intriguing and repulsive things with my dear friends, I thought I'd give you a few more tips on how to become a lady:

A lady never wears white after Labor Day.  (These ladies sure seem hung up on what they wear when, don't they?)

A lady never raises her voice. (Really?  How else am I to be heard when The Wretch has a football game blaring on television?)

A lady never crosses her legs. (I'm guessing she never crosses her eyes either.)

A lady is always proper in her demeanor and dress.  (Does wearing The Wretch's t-shirt, which hangs around my knees, count as proper dress?)

I'm beginning to think that a lady is a prissy prig, not to mention boring as hell.

Gem for the day:  a lady knows what's important ... and what isn't.

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