Monday, November 19, 2012

Day 180, November 19

You're probably de-sausted and de-pissed of hearing about meeting with Hyrum's future in-laws.  I can only plead that it's weighed heavily on my mind.

In an effort to placate Hyrum and alleviate my own stress, I'd come up with what I thought was a reasonable, not to mention brilliant, solution to whole thing:  I asked my dear friend Janet to stand in for me at this crucial meeting.

Janet and I have been friends for over 35 years.  We've seen each other through pregnancies, childhood traumas and dramas, deaths of parents, and any other number of trials and tribulations.  Did I mention that Janet is the RS  President and also my visiting teacher?  (For those of you who are Mormon, you recognize the significance of that.)

Janet is the kind of angel who will do anything for anyone, so I figure, no problem.  She'll readily agree to this simple request.  Guess what?  She refused.  Yes, she flat out refused to be me for a night.  Who would have guessed?  I told her that she only needed to be me for that night and, of course, for the wedding.  Then I would take over being me again.  (In case you haven't guessed, being me is de-sausting sometimes.)

Gem for the day:  the next time I ask someone to be me, I'm going to throw chocolate into the bargain.  I'm sure to get some takers.

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  1. It's a good friend who can say no, and a good friend who can accept it.

    Sorry, sometimes the serious side makes an appearance on this blog, too!