Monday, November 12, 2012

Day 173, November 12

Our town issues large plastic trash cans for recycling.  On the lid of the can the words "No Hot Ashes" are embossed.  It shows my state of mind when each time I read that, I see "No Hot Flashes." 

I've been flashing for more than a decade, way before I officially hit the Big M.  Hot flashes rule my choice of wardrobe, where the temperatures of the house and car are set (meatlocker cold), even my husband's behavior, as he knows that, when I'm flashing, there's going to be nothing going on elsewhere.

It takes only the words "I've never had a problem with hot flashes" from another woman for me to take an instant and intense dislike to her.  Really?  No hot flashes.  Never mind coveting beautiful homes, new cars, and size 4 bodies--I envy anyone who doesn't flash.

Gem for the day:  if you encounter a woman such as the above, find out what drugs she's taking.  Quick.

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