Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day 174, November 13

The other night, in talking with friends about the benefits of "natural" beauty products, I piped up that I like a few preservatives in my creams and makeup.  (That's me--always the rebel.)  I think they (preservatives) prolong my shelf-life.

I'm not sure why everyone thinks "natural" is so great.  My "natural" in the mornings is enough to scare a marauding grizzly.  So, why should we think products without preservatives is something we should want, much less pay extra money for?  (Have you noticed that anytime a product contains the word natural, that it inevitably costs more?)

I grew up in the 60s.  (Now I'm in my 60s.)  Anyway, in the 60s, the natural look was rampant.  We all wanted to look like California girls, with long streaked hair and tanned skin.  Like those streaks were natural.  All I got from my attempts to emulate this look was freckled and burned, and I'm paying the price for my stupidity now.

Gem for the day:  don't eschew preservatives; embrace them!

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