Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Day 175, November 14

I am free of all prejudice. I hate everyone equally.

W.C. Fields

I love the comedy of W.C. Fields. And while I don't hate everyone equally (I tend to parcel it out on a person-by-person basis), I can appreciate the sentiment, for, at times, I've wanted to knock a few heads together.

Take recent national events. Without going into my political preferences, I will say that I wanted to kick some serious ass  in regard to those.   And we mustn't forget the time when I told one of the women who so abused my elderly father that she was a whore. (I repeated it several times, lest she forget it.) I refuse to apologize for that. (Besides, I think the word whore is in the Bible, so it must be all right to use.) And then there was the time when, provoked beyond reason, I took my sons' Nintendo (do you remember that, with the little cords and doohickeys?) and cut through the cords with my pinking shears. (Well, I certainly wasn't doing any sewing with them.)

So, okay, I don't hate all those people, except for the whore. And my sons and I have long since made up.  But Fields's words did resonate with me. I guess it's that little naughty spot in me, a naughty spot that seems to be getting bigger all the time.

Gem for the day: if you want to kick some ass, choose your targets wisely. My sons would wipe the floor with me these days!

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  1. Ass-kicking is a "dreamy" passtime of mine....I wish I had the opportunity to actually do some.....where to many few good knees and hips to do the deed with (bad knees because of stupid ass-kicking video on Yoga...arggggg-I should kick my own ass for tryin it!) your your sense of style......