Monday, September 10, 2012

Day 110, September 10

Women need friends.  The older we grow, the more we realize how much we need our friends.  We need friends of different seasons and for different reasons.  And we need different kinds of friends.  My own friends range from the bawdy to the gaudy, from the pensive to the expensive ... and everywhere in between. 

We have witch friends.  (I substituted a consonant here.)  Witch friends are those to whom we can whine and complain.  I have a friend who helped me tear apart a particularly insensitive gift and burn it in the fireplace after one Christmas.  (Oooh, that felt good.  As we did it, we said incantations directed at the giver of that  nasty gift.)

We have weeping friends.  These are the friends with whom we can cry and unburden ourselves and know they will understand.

We have rejoicing friends.  These are the women whom we know will celebrate with us over a good fortune.

We have friends whose eyesight is failing so that they will not notice our sagging boobs and drooping eyes.

We have friends who don't judge us, no matter what inane or insane thing we say or do. 

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