Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Day 118, September 18

Have you ever considered the word "Menopause?"  It is a misnomer.  When we hit the BIG M, we do not pause in our menses.  We stop.  Period.  (No pun intended.)

Usually, when we stop something, we take up something else in its place.  In the case of menopause, my body decided to take up several things to replace what it had stopped.  First, there was the water retention.  (I retain water like a camel trudging through the Sahara.)  Then there is the weight gain.  I have only to look at a carb for it to attach itself to my stomach, thighs, hips, and even my earlobes.  Let's not forget the mood swings.  When I direct "The Look" at my husband, he runs and hides.  (And well he should.)

This is far from a comprehensive list.  More to come later.  For those not yet in menopause, have I filled you with anticipation ... or dread?

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  1. Someone told me that the average weight gain for a woman at menopause is 20 pounds. Please tell me that that is not true. Even if you're lying. 20 pounds when you're 5'3" to start with is a terrible fate to face!