Saturday, September 29, 2012

Day 129, September 29

"Even doctors can make mistakes.  Mine asked me to undress."--Maxine

As always, Maxine hits the nail on the head.  What's with doctors wanting you to undress?  Can't they tell just from looking that I'm overweight, overstressed, and overwhelmed?  A blind pig could see that.  Surely someone with a degree in medicine ought to be able to discern such things.  And really, all I want, is my prescription for Prozac.  For that, they need to see me naked?

But doctors, whether forced by ethics or some perverse need to see middle-aged naked women, insist upon us disrobing.  Quite frankly, any modesty I once had went by the way side after delivering four children.  But still ...  My body, even pregnant, was in a lot better shape back then. 

You know the drill at the doctor's office:  you strip down to your birthday suit.  The doctor leaves a paper half gown to cover your upper part and a cocktail napkin to cover everything else.  Let me tell you, that cocktail napkin isn't cutting it.

Ah, well ... we do what we must. 

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