Sunday, September 23, 2012

Day 123, September 23

Well, we're back to Lot's wife again.  I do feel sorry for the lady.  Imagine being turned to a pillar of salt.  Then imagine how you'd retain water!

As I've said before, I retain water (I'm sure that's the cause of my weight gain) like a camel preparing for a draught.  At the makeup counter of a high-end department store, my sister and I were accosted by a man (wearing makeup, no less), asking if we wanted to have our eyes evaluated.  He was not talking about our eye health but our the appearance of our eyes. 

Without giving us a chance to respond, he then went pointed out that I had puffiness under my eyes  (there's that water retention thing again) and that my sister had feathering around her eyes.  In my book, insulting potential customers is not the way to make a sale.  Praise be, he had just the thing we needed:  a hundred dollar an ounce eye cream, guaranteed to erase puffiness and feathering.  Needless to say, we didn't buy any of his overpriced cream.

For a hundred dollars an ounce, I could buy Beluga caviar or Godiva chocolates!  Never let it be said that  I don't have my priorities straight!

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