Saturday, September 22, 2012

Day 122, September 22

Do you remember Lot's wife?  She was commanded not to turn around and look as she and her family were fleeing the city.  But the poor woman couldn't help herself and turned around anyway.  What did she get for her disobedience?  She was turned in to a pillar of salt.


If I were going to be turned in to a pillar of anything, I'd want it to be chocolate.  Or carmel.  Or cheesecake.  But Lot's wife didn't get a choice.

It's much the same for menopausers.  We don't get a choice about a lot of things.  Hair growing in places it never grew before.  Fat showing up in places it shunned in our early years.  And let's not forget those hot flashes that turn our beds in to sweat boxes.

In Sunday School class, Lot's wife was held up as a bad example.  I'm inclined to give her a break and hope that others will do the same for me!

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  1. I've always wondered if she turned around because she couldn't remember if she turned off the stove. Or put out the fire. Or whatever it was that worried women when they left home then.