Saturday, September 15, 2012

Day 115, September 15

Do you ever wonder about the fashion advice that is handed out by style magazines?   One such magazine featured a Washington power woman, calling her "an icon of style," calling the wide belt she wore over an argyle sweater as fashion-forward and daring. 

Unless a woman is Twiggy-thin (you have to be of a certain age to know who Twiggy is), she ought not to be wearing a wide belt, or any belt for that matter, over a sweater.  It's tacky.  It also serves to emphasize droopy breasts, poochy stomach, and hips big enough to have their own zip code.

Since I boast all the above attributes, I make sure I don't wear a belt over anything.  Ever.  I try to de-emphasize those particular areas of my body.  (In case you're wondering what I do try to emphasize, it's my collarbone.  It's one of the few bones in my body that I can still find.)

Such advice causes me to wonder about the style sense of the fashion editors.  Do they really know any better (or even as much) as the rest of us?  I doubt it. 

I say, wear what suits you and be damned to the style mavens. 

PS  Maxine agrees with me.

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