Monday, September 17, 2012

Day 117, September 17

Age spots--or, as Maxine terms them "mature freckles"--have crept on to my body like a plague of locusts.  Rather than devouring crops as the locusts did with the Mormon pionners, my age spots are devouring my skin.  I have a theory that if theyare  proliferate enough, they will all grow together and I'll look like I have a tan.

For someone who has been cursed with pasty white skin, the idea of having a tan is an appealing one.  But, still ... Do I want to get that tan by having my age spots "multiply and replenish the earth?"

Sometimes, when I'm bored silly, I try connecting the dots on those parts of my body that I can reach.  I challenge myself to find a star, a square, a circle, a buffalo, whatever  comes to mind.  There's only one problem with this:  it's hard to write on wrinkled skin with a pen.  So I switched to a magic marker.

Note to self:  do not, I repeat, NOT, use an indelible marker!

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