Thursday, July 11, 2013

Day 209, July 11

Well, we're back to skin care.  Again.

Have you heard what Japanese women do keep their skin ultra soft and white?  They use the execrement of nightingales.  If you don't know what excrement is, it's plain, old-fashioned poop. 

I'm willing to do a lot in the name of beauty, but I'm not willing to go around scooping up nightingale poop.  And where do you store it once you've gotten it?  The refrigerator?  I hope not.  But the stuff will probably go bad if you just leave it at room temperature.  Maybe you can have a separate refrigerator for skin care goop, such as sheep placenta and nightingale poop.  Something to ponder ...

Gem for the day:  if you're willing to scoop up poop, you qualify for pioneer woman status.

(PS  Did you notice that goop and poop rhyme?  The writer in me loves that.)

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