Monday, July 22, 2013

Day 220, July 22

I know--all of you think I don't have a serious thought in my head and that I'm a frivolous old woman who rants about anything from the TSA to menopausal husbands.  The truth is, too often my heart is burdened. 

One of the things that many menopausers have endured is the heartache of watching a child go through a painful divorce.  It is something I never thought would happen in our family, yet it did.

I cried with my grown son when he called to say that his wife had left him and their two little boys.  My heart broke with his.  He survived, stayed close to the Lord, and is remarried to a lovely woman who shares his commitment to family. 

Gem for the day:  even frivolous old women like me know heartache.  Be kind to us.

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