Saturday, July 27, 2013

Day 225, July 27

Can you stand one more story about sick males, this one from contemporary times?

A woman has just come home from the hospital with her fourth child.  Her older three children all have chickenpox.  Her mate decides he has contracted chickenpox as well, though he had already had it as a child.

Husband:  (Coughs pitifully)  I think I'm coming down with the pox.

Wife:  (Patiently)  But darling, you had chickenpox as a child.  You can't get it again.

Husband:  (Snarls)  Just when did you get your medical degree?

Wife:  Why, I got my medical degree in between pregnancies, nursing, more pregnancies, more nursing, and bringing home YOUR fourth child.

Husband:  (Backing off, hands raised)  There's no need to get nasty.

Wife:  (Sweetly)  Who's being nasty?  I'm simply answering your question as to when I got my medical degree.  Now get off your keester and do the laundry you've been saving up for me.

Husband:  (Meekly)  Yes, dear.  I think I'm feeling better already.

Gem for the day:  Sometimes you have to use tough love.

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