Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Day 215, July 17

Can you stand one more TSA story?

On yet another flight I was once more pulled aside by the Underwear Police.  This time it was--you guessed it--my underwire bra that lit up the sensors. 

My underwire bra, despite being a sweat magnet, is necessary to corral the girls.  It keeps them somwhere close to where they ought to be.  (Once a woman reaches a mature age, her breasts tend to wander.)

Usually my underwire bra passes security.  After all, don't most of us wear them?  This time, though, it failed to pass.  And once more I was subjected to the pat down.

 My breasts have been felt up (or patted down) more times in airports than they ever have been at home or at my yearly mammogram. 

Gem for the day:  when you're flying, go commando (sans underwear).  Obviously the TSA cannot handle a mature woman's underwear.

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