Monday, July 15, 2013

Day 213, July 15

Have you noticed that flyling has just gotten to be hard work any more?  Never mind having to get to the airport a half a day early so that you have time to go through security.  Now you have to go through a porno-scanner to get through  security.  Still, I was handling it.  That is, until I was stopped by a bored looking TSA agent.

TSA Agent:   "Ma'am, the scanner says you have something on under your pants."

Me (whispering):  "It's my underwear."

Agent:  "Why is your underwear down by your knees?"

Those of you who are Mormon will understand.  Our underwear does come down to our knees.

Me:  "It's long underwear."

Agent:  "I'm afraid I'm going to have to pat you down."  She proceeded to pat my legs.  Sure enough she found the edge of my underwear binding against the roles of fat above my knee.    "Okay.  I guess you're all right."  Giving me the evil eye, she sent me on my way.

Gem for the day:  If you're going through airport security, think carefully about your underwear choices.

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