Saturday, July 13, 2013

Day 211, July 13

I realize that I may have offended some of you dear ladies yesterday with my rant about the church thermostat.  If so, I apologize.  I can only say that my internal temperature registers about 120 degrees.

I've thought of removing some articles of clothing while at church, but I'm wondering what that would be.  The obvious is my underwire bra.  That miracle of engineering and micro-fiber keeps the girls from flopping around, but it does trap the heat.  Specifically, sweat gathers right along the underwire.  Not a pleasant sensation.

Have you ever removed a bra while in polite company?  Let me tell you, it takes some maneuvering.  First, you slip one strap over your shoulder, followed by the other.  Surreptitiously, you unhook the back of it.  then you slide the whole thing down and pull it out from underneath your blouse or top and stash it in your purse or your husband's suit pocket if you don't have a purse.  (If you're wearing a dress, forget about it.  You're screwed.)

Gem for the day:  forget the bra and let the girls flop.  You and they will be happier.

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