Saturday, July 20, 2013

Day 218, July 20

It appears that we have not yet left the subject of guns.  The other day, a friend showed The Wretch and me a few samples of his gun collection.  I salivated with pleasure, especially when he put this relatively small one in my hand.  (My poor old arthritic hands can't handle anything too heavy these days.)

The gun wasn't anything special to look at.  It was black, had a plastic handle, looked much like a toy gun you might get at Wal-Mart or Target.  However, I felt its power.

I learned that it could hold 19 bullets in its magazine.  I was now drooling with the "I-wants."  Even though I'm not a good shot, I figure I could hit my intended target with 19 tries, if I were close enough to it.  The Wretch looked a trifle scared as I sighted the gun and aimed it at his parts.

Gem for the day:  make sure you choose a gun you can hold comfortably in one hand.  You need the other to hold your designer purse.

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