Friday, July 26, 2013

Day 224, July 26

More about males with malaise:

The phenomenon of males unable to handle the barest of sniffles dates back to caveman times.

I imagine the conversation between the stricken cave-male and his long suffering cave-mate went something like this:

Caveman:  Me no feel good.

Cavewoman:  Me sorry.

Caveman:  Bring cloth soaked in coconut oil for my chest.

Cavewoman:  (muttering) Me do.  (She proceeds to climb tree, retrieve coconut, press out oil, dip cloth into it, then spread it on to her man's chest.)

Caveman:  Me still no feel good.

Cavewoman:  Take bow and arrow and shoot food. 

Caveman:  Me too sick to use bow and arrow.

Cavewoman:  Give me arrow.  Me know where to put it.  (Where the sun don't shine.)

Gem for the day:  men will always be the weaker sex.

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